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Hi, I’m T-Ann. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner and Life Coach, storyteller, and thriver. I link arms with women who are ready to thrive despite circumstances and cluster f*cks.

My life looked pretty normal on the outside until about 10 years ago.

I grew up in a leafy suburb outside of Chicago. Growing up, my life looked pretty average, but, it actually was tumultuous, unbalanced, and strained.

I wasn’t raised to have a voice. I learned quickly how to walk into a room and identify stress, pain, and negativity. I instinctively became a master peacekeeper, a helper, and a pleaser. I am intuitive partly by nature and partly because it was a pretty darn good way to survive.

I couldn’t have known this gift would become my super-power.  

I remember being a little girl, maybe 7-years-old when I made a powerful decision. I decided my life would be filled with humor and compassion. I clearly envisioned the marriage, family, and life I would have.

I somehow knew, even as a little girl, that there was power in having clarity, in being able to make choices that supported the life I wanted to have.

I am a certified life coach. I live and breathe my work. I’m obsessed with learning new ways to help my clients find relief from overwhelm. I know we all have the power to grow and thrive no matter what the universe wants to throw at us.

This knowledge and daily practice came in handy when ten years or so ago life started to pepper me with some real doozies. We had an international move, my kids started to launch, I had health issues, my husband lost his job, my parents were in and out of the hospital, friends were dying, I was drugged and mugged and then, holy smokes, my husband suffered a heart attack and stroke. Bam! All this while being a mother of four, a friend, a wife, and a business owner.

All the shortcuts, rituals, routines, mindset shifts, connections, and humor I offer my clients, I have used to empower myself. This stuff works.

Unprecedented fears, difficult relationships, life transitions, dramas, and crises don’t need to suck us under. Like the mushrooms growing in a cluster, together we can thrive while we are knee-deep in shit!

I am here to help you thrive in the cluster. Because when we find ourselves knee-deep in the shit, our best chances of thriving are linking arms and doing the do together. 

Love from The Cluster,