The Confidence Triangle

If they taught confidence in school, we'd all have it

Confidence Triangle.png

The Confidence Triangle is on an audacious mission –
to create a world where every girl is comfortable in her own skin,
with her mother as her greatest ally.

Our goal is to teach girls the skills they need to trust themselves. To forgive themselves.

To not fear judgement or failure. To take healthy risks. To use their beautiful voices.

By helping girls notice, describe, become curious, and engage with their thoughts, feelings, and actions, our girls become better able to see which of their behaviors work and which don’t.


This skill creates a flexible mindset. It fuels her choices.

Because playing small does not serve the world.

Your daughter is smart, funny, kind, and has so much going for her.

Why doesn’t she see how wonderful she is?

You’ve tried to talk to her, reward her, praise her, even plead with her. Nothing changes. 

She is stuck in patterns that keep her second-guessing and limiting herself.

She isn’t reaching her potential.

You’re worried.

Confidence, or lack of it, impacts every point in a girl’s life.


That's why we created Soulshine Sessions Modules.

Soulshine Sessions are brain, science, and soul-based.

Soulshine Sessions are an affordable, slow and steady, lasting approach to confidence. 

No overwhelm. No shame. 

The modules are a step-by-step playbook to self-confidence.


Who We Are

We are a mother/daughter duo wrestling with the sharp edges, the soft middles, and the subtle nuances of girls’ self-confidence.

Believe us when we say we are no strangers to self-doubt and lack of confidence.

We seem hard-wired to struggle with people-pleasing and body image blahs.

We often feel not good enough. We fear the harsh judgment of others and we fear failure.